PR & GO UP Communication is one of the founding members of Travel Lifestyle Network, an international network of independent marketing and communication agencies.

Through our network of partner agencies, we have a presence in 28 markets. For companies aiming to expand and grow internationally, the added value we provide is offering a single point of contact to reach new and diverse international markets, in which they can effectively position themselves.

We analyze and devise strategies for the most effective international channels, providing support to companies in their internationalization processes. We ensure that marketing and communication actions are consistent, flexible, and customized. Through our network, we serve as partner, assisting companies in developing successful projects in new markets by adapting global languages to the local culture of each country.




  • Lifestyle

TV series tourism is growing: from the Paris of “Emily in Paris” to the Taormina of “White Lotus”

It’s called “The White Lotus effect”, and it refers to the boom of American tourists in Sicily after the airing of the second season of the award-winning TV series that won two Golden Globes.
  • Tourism e Hospitality

Congressional Tourism in Italy: The relaunch continues.

Congressional tourism, like all sectors of Italian tourism, is gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels this year, and the recovery phase that began in 2021 has been consolidated in 2022.
  • Digital

Google launches Brand (also) in Italy

Google is launching Bard in Italy, introducing new features compared to the Beta version released a few months ago. Google's generative AI is now available in most parts of the world, supporting over 40 languages