What is integrated communication?

Integrated communication refers to a set of strategic activities designed and implemented to communicate and promote a company, its history, values, purpose, products, or services. This process involves the targeted selection of online and offline tools and channels to build a well-defined and recognizable identity in the market.

We provide a comprehensive service to cater to all types of needs. We develop communication plans that align with business objectives, covering every aspect of the process or providing support for specific projects based on the company’s requirements.

Over the years, we have collaborated and continue to collaborate with numerous prestigious national and international brands. Our approach is multidisciplinary, cross-media, concrete, and strategic. We aim to create innovative perspectives and combine the most effective activities to meet our customers’ communication and marketing needs.

Ideas serve as the driving force behind our projects, but strategy consulting is the essential step that guides and oversees all our communication plans throughout their duration.

Analysis and research: These are the activities we undertake during the initial and preliminary phase of studying brand positioning, as well as throughout the operational phase.

We create a precise roadmap, conducting competitor analysis and examining the unique and distinguishing characteristics of our clients. We meticulously define objectives, target audiences, tools, channels, creative guidelines, and timing. Throughout the process, we monitor and measure the results of these activities in terms of sentiment and conversions over time.

We design and execute advertising campaigns at all stages. We analyze the dissemination channels, generate creative concepts, coordinate photo and video shoots, oversee art direction and graphic design, and create compelling headlines and accompanying copy.

Our consolidated know-how enables us to consistently produce creative products that align with contemporary trends, in accordance with the client’s brief, company values, and target audience.

Advertising retains its historical and undeniable charm, allowing us to reach specific audiences even through cross-advertising actions. In an effective marketing mix, print campaigns work alongside digital ones, reinforcing each other. In a holistic communication approach, these two paths are not alternatives but rather complementary.

Creation or restyling of websites, web marketing campaigns, blog and newsletter management, SEO writing, development of social media channel strategy: today, digital resources are essential for companies aiming to establish and strengthen their online presence, engage new potential customers, and build loyalty among existing ones. The transition from the unidirectional messaging of traditional media to the many-to-many and H2H (humans to humans) approach of new media is a revolution that has provided companies with countless new opportunities for engaging in dialogue with their audiences.

We meticulously manage each channel according to the communication strategy, business objectives, and target audience, ensuring that we stay attuned to the ever-evolving innovations in content, language, and format that define the dynamic nature of the digital world.

The credibility of a company also relies on a strong and multichannel positioning across traditional and online media. For each client and project, we take care of all stages of the press office, by building a tailor-made package of activities.

We write impactful press releases, coordinate press conferences, leverage our extensive network of contacts to secure participation and news coverage across multiple channels, and diligently maintain and update the press review.

We nurture connections with journalists foster discussions with institutions and stakeholders, and thoughtfully choose bloggers, influencers, and brand ambassadors to generate interest, curiosity, engagement, and visibility through both traditional and emerging communication methods.

While the digital landscape has presented new communication opportunities, it is in the physical world where human connections thrive. PR activities, events, and fairs are instrumental in achieving this objective, as they allow companies to engage and make a lasting impact on participants’ memories.

We handle the study and development of the creative concept, location scouting and design, invitations, execution, direction, and coordination of resources and tools within the defined budget.. We support companies in managing their public relations and provide a comprehensive package for various types of events, presentations, launches, inaugurations, press conferences, press tours, meetings, conventions, and trade show booth setups.

Social media serve as channels through which companies can promote themselves by establishing direct relationships with their users.

Listening, value-driven storytelling, engagement, and community are the cornerstones of our strategic vision for social media management. We develop them with empathy and originality for our clients, enabling them to enhance their visibility on their virtual storefront and showcase the uniqueness of their messages and communication style. We meticulously plan each step of the process, clearly defining business objectives, target audience, content types, visual style, tone of voice, and continuously monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) over time. (to ensure long-term success.)

With a well-established network of media relationships, customized advertising investment plans for our clients, covering both online and offline advertising.. The goal of the media plan is to allocate the budget in relation to the objectives, ensuring maximum visibility and effective message exposure.

We evaluate different advertising options based on audience segments and business objectives. We offer a selection of the most effective channels to reach the target audience and maximize ROI (return on investment). We negotiate favorable economic conditions and ad placement, assess publication methods and timing, and monitor and measure the effectiveness of the campaigns. We then provide an analysis of the contacts made.

We support our clients in dealing with unexpected, critical, or negative situations that could jeopardize and damage their reputation. We guide them step by step in the actions to be taken, operational responses, and adherence to the appropriate communication timing. By proactively engaging with the press, we aim to prevent negative consequences from escalating and causing irreparable damage to their brand image.

Timeliness, transparency, and consistency are the cornerstones of all the crisis management plans we build, which encompass coordinating every stage of the process. The procedures we put in place, along with subsequent updates, cover all fronts, ranging from news outlets and institutions to television, social media management, and all potentially affected parties.

We offer tourism representation services in Italy, providing dedicated packages for destinations, airlines, tour operators, and all industry stakeholders.

Our activities encompass marketing actions and participation in trade fairs, providing assistance and consultancy services to potential visitors and clients, offering support for reservations, managing public relations and media contacts, conducting market research to assess industry trends and demand patterns, and collaborating with local operators to develop mutually beneficial tourism products.

We monitor the progress of promotional activities, analyze performance, and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies implemented, enabling us to make corrections, improvements, and optimize results over time. We act as the bridge between the tourism company and the Italian market, serving as ambassadors, guides, and providing support in various aspec




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