About us


PR & GO UP Communication is a Milan-based integrated communication agency specialising in strategic consultancy and creative development.

We are a multifaceted group of professionals, each of whom possesses and embodies specific expertise in their respective fields of action: Strategy, Advertising, Digital, Press Office, PR & Events, Social Media, Media Consulting, Crisis Communication Management, and Marketing Destination Representation.

Besides our dedicated in-house team, we also engage with external professionals who bring their specific expertise and skills to complement our services. Copywriting, web design, social media strategy, and performance analysis are all dynamic and evolving fields. We are pleased to collaborate with professionals specialized in these areas to leverage their experience and enhance the development of our ideas.

We like to conceive ourselves as a creative laboratory, an ecosystem in which the shared participation of diverse skills, wisely oriented and guided, can make a difference in the success of projects.

We work flexibly and systematically, collaborating with companies across diverse Lifestyle sectors. We analyze and develop the most suitable and engaging strategies for different markets, drawing on our extensive experience in tourism communication and destination marketing campaigns.

We believe in the strength of the right idea and the ability to turn it into a project, valuing the uniqueness of each client and every resource involved. This mindset enables us to have a comprehensive understanding of communication processes and establish trusted relationships with the companies that choose us. They have always perceived us not just as service providers but as attentive partners who listen to their needs.

We exist in a world that is changing at an unprecedented speed, and we strongly believe in embracing the present with a vigilant and curious eye on the future. Our ability to adapt to the evolving societal and business paradigms has consistently been the driving force behind our mission and the support we provide.




  • Lifestyle

Wine tourism: a growing trend, especially in lombardy

Wine Tourism is an increasingly established trend and is certainly going to last for a long time, thanks to the opportunity to combine one’s passion for wine with a journey through the culture and traditions of the visited territory.
  • Tourism e Hospitality

Wedding tourism in italy: data, trends, and prospects for the future

Wedding tourism, as reported by the Destination Wedding in Italy Observatory, experienced great success in 2022, surpassing pre-pandemic figures and expected to continue growing in 2023.
  • Digital

Artificial intelligence and tourism: a winning combination?

L’Intelligenza Artificiale, insieme ai Big Data e al Machine Learning, è considerata uno degli strumenti-chiave dei processi di digitalizzazione e di trasformazioni tecnologiche in tutti i settori commerciali, turismo compreso.