citizenM, a Dutch hotel and lifestyle brand with an international presence of 31 hotels in Europe, the United States and Asia, was founded in 2008 with an ambitious goal: ‘to revolutionize the hotel industry with its concept of accessible luxury’.


For its debut in Italy, the innovative brand chose our agency, which was responsible for the launch of its hotel in Rome from the conception of the communication to the organization of the opening party.

Several areas were therefore covered, among which the most important was the creation of an event that would: ‘make people talk for a long time in the Capital’ and give a new ‘sign’ in the hotel business.


The media communication started in October 2023, well in advance of the opening of the new hotel, using different media, thus developing a marketing mix in the market. At the same time, the support of the press office and public relations continued into the coming year.


According to the brief received from the client, the choices were mainly related to targets ranging from Generation X to Millennials, thus focusing on radio, digital and social campaigns. With a broader outreach, also involving other targets, dynamic billboards were the chosen option in various Italian cities, in particular in main railway stations.

citizenM mainly addresses a medium and medium-high spending public and its offer is suitable for people travelling for business or tourism and therefore on the cities best connected to Rome by high-speed train service.


The flyer on the most played radio network in northern Italy was complemented by an ecosystem of podcasts and streaming music services to reach the 25/54 age segment interested in travel and geolocated mainly in northern Italy.


Our copywriters worked on the creative concept from the scripts for the radio quotes to selecting a series of influencers in the shooting for the creation of the campaign.

The press office, on the other hand, for the opening of the ‘citizenM Rome Isola Tiberina’ organized interviews with various trade media in the travel and hospitality sector involving the hotel’s international management.


In January 2024, over 300 guests were invited to the opening party, some of which also had the opportunity to spend the night at the hotel. Among the guests there were content creators, trendsetters, the general and specialist press, as well as the Capital’s authorities.

We, as an agency, are now continuing with media pitches addressed to the press, representing the brand through the themes of art, design and technology.