The new Valtellina Turismo summer campaign is “Discover your V”, where the V of Valtellina becomes the X factor that every tourist can find in their research to discover themselves, while enjoying the experiences that this region can offer.

Starting from this concept, the Agency has designed and developed the new Valtellina project, a branding campaign to strengthen, enhance and promote the brand, also in the run-up to the 2026 Milan-Cortina Olympic Games, the international event that the territory’s two main ski resorts, Livigno and Bormio, will host.

A project that has involved the Agency at all stages, from concept to strategy to production and planning. The Agency’s CEO & founder Albert Redusa Levy led the team that developed the campaign, describing the project as follows: “This year Valtellina Turismo is back on air presenting its summer season. The campaign we created emphasises the three main ‘reasons why’ people should spend a holiday in this land, which are then translated into short impactful stories that aim to leave a memory in the audience’s mind. The purpose of the campaign is to increase the mental availability of the Valtellina brand through distinctive brand assets that make the brand recognisable in the minds of users.”

To plan the multi-subject campaign, the Agency envisaged the production of three 15” videos set in naturalistic contexts, which feature family, culture, wellness, food and wine, and sport as their subjects.

Albert Redusa Levy comments: “The integrated campaign we have implemented reinforces and consolidates the perception of the destination both on the domestic market, with a particular focus on Italy, which is our area of interest, and on the foreign market, whose travellers have always been looking for places where they can spend their holidays in the open air. We will thus continue to enhance the strengths of the destination, trying to intercept a heterogeneous audience. Valtellina is strongly resuming its post-Covid positioning, also reaching foreign markets and proposing itself as an all-round destination, with a touristic offer that ranges from slow tourism to cycling tourism, wine tourism, and hiking, without losing its value as a sports destination.”

The chosen media include digital media, print, OOH, radio circuits, social campaigns, with a substantial digital presence foreseen in foreign markets as well.

From a creative idea by Marco Fossati, the campaign was carried out by Alessandro Coppi as Senior Copywriter and Raffaella Bendinoni, Senior Art Director.
Photo-Video Service: Studio Cattelan.